Thursday, June 08, 2006

Early Bird Solution Wanted

Having developed classic surfer's banner blindness I'm not often conscious of ads on a web site but one called Sticky Paws caught my attention. Don't declaw...get Sticky Paws!® the ad shrieked. Intrigued I clicked through to discover that Sticky Paws is an adhesive tape specially designed to stop cats stretching their claws on the furniture.

We don't have that problem at home. Both our kitties enjoy having a good scratch at our car tyres (thank goodness they aren't tiger sized or there would be trouble!) and both Scoop and Au have their own rugs downstairs and upstairs plus their own cardboard boxes that invite friendly shredding behaviour. There is the odd claw in the sofa but a sharp "NO!" is enough to stop the culprit.

While clawing isn't a problem, the ad did get me thinking about the one thing that drives me nuts about living with Scoop and Au. About 5 minutes before the local mosque starts its predawn broadcast, both fuzzies sit on the edge of the bed and demand an early breakfast. I don't remember what an unbroken night's sleep is, but I think it would be wonderful.

Any ideas anyone?

PS Katz Tales will be published in the Weekend section of the Star tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Cats are routine creatures. Give in to their demands and they will expect them all the time. My cat Pelud once in a while tries to wake me up early. I ignore her cries and she gives up.