Sunday, June 04, 2006

Klang Kitties

Daisy, Cutie, Tiger and Bubbles were born on 27th April this year. They are currently living in Klang, Selangor and are looking for a home. Please contact Haw Ying at for information.

Here's Daisy with Tiger in the background


This is Cutie

Cutie and Tiger - best friends forever!

Everyone reading the paper

We're not just cute, we're also friendly and clean! Hope to hear from you soon.


Ellen Whyte said...

Trying this out

Anonymous said...

"Klang Kitties"
Tiger, Cutie, Ginger, and Bibi are adopted. Daisy and Bubble are waiting to be adopted. Please contact Haw Ying at

Anonymous said...

All the "Klang Kitties" are adopted.