Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back On Track

Scoop wore his lamp shade for a week, and we thought it was having no effect. His face was still sore, and his temper was worse. Every time poor old fuzzy woke up he would panic as he had lost his peripheral vision; also, he was itchy all over. Scoop was really down.

When he went for his checkup on Thursday, the vet recommended some more medicine (at RM7.50 or about US$2 a tablet, Scoop is now officially an expensive kitty!), a new ointment and another fortnight in plastic.

We OK'd the medicine but decided that the lamp shade was too much and took it off. It's not easy to go against medical advice and usually not recommended but guess what? Scoop is a lot better! His face is clearing up and we're crossing fingers he'll be handsome again in a month's time.

Minus lamp shade Scoop is back to his old self. He's cheerfully belting Au over the head, ambushing us when we walk past his chair and diving back into his social life with real verve.

All in all it's been a terrible fortnight. Not just Scoop's illness but also my PC broke down on Tuesday (hence the long silence). Now I've got my PC back and Scoop has his life back we're both back on track.

It's great stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Scoop! Having had experience with the dreaded lampshade, I can certainly sympathize! Mine liked to remind me how miserable he was by walking all over the house running into things and keeping me awake - like he was saying "I'll show you!" Hope he's better soon!