Friday, July 14, 2006

Fat Cat

Yesterday Scoop sighed over his chicken liver, munched moodily on his cat biscuits, and generally grumbled about falling standards. So when I woke up at 7 this morning and decided to go to the wet market, old fuzzy was happy to push me out of the front door. He may never have set eyes on the place, but he knows it's where all good things come from.

On my return, old fuzzy stuck his nose into the groceries, unerringly passing by the tomatoes and spring onions, and aiming straight for the RM2 worth of chicken livers and the whole chicken sitting snugly in the bag beside them.

You can drench a chicken in paprika, stuff it with onions and fresh tarragon and surround it with potatoes if you like, Scoop doesn't care as long as he gets his paws on what his considers his fair share of the roast: a generous helping of breast with small slices of juicy leg meat.

Of course Scoop always gets what he wants. Having gulped down a huge bowl of meat, he is now lying on the sofa, leisurely licking his whiskers and chatting to Au with satisfied mewaufs that indicate dinner was excellent.

From the look of satisfaction on his face it's clear he's anticipating leftovers for supper, breakfast and lunch. It’s a cat's life!

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