Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hot Summer Days

Scoop and Au keeping their cool
It's boiling hot, it hasn't rained for a week and both fuzzies are sweating in their fur coats. Being smart cats, Scoop and Au have figured out where all the best cool spots are in the house. Calculating sun exposure, fan settings and breeze factors, they figure out the best way to keep cool is to spend the morning on the downstairs sofa (see pic), the afternoon in our bedroom and the evening on the front doorstep.

I'm spending my days trapped in the office which is cool in the morning but like a sauna in the afternoon. I would love to bunk off and spend the day at the pool but there are cat biscuits to be earned. Wish I could be a cat!

PS Want to read more about cats? A full Katz Tales column will be published in this Saturday's Weekend section of The Star.

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