Monday, July 17, 2006

Itchy Scratchy

Au cleaning up after a nice roll
It's been so hot the last week or so that all of us are wilting. The human people are constantly popping into the shower in vain attempts to cool off, and the cat people are sitting directly under fans, and drinking glass after glass of water.

Brushing Scoop who was flat out in front of the fan yesterday I saw spots of dirt on his tummy and immediately thought he had fleas. Luckily for him I checked before chucking him into a bowl of soapy water! It turned out to be plain old dirt fromt he garden.

But when Au came home this morning covered in earth too, I realised Scoop and Au are practicing an alternative cooling technique. Watching Scoop march out I got to see it for myself.

The trick is to turn over the thick soil under the plants at the end of the garden until you find a nice cool layer of earth. Then you spread this evenly over the ground, throw yourself on top and roll until the cool earth is all through your coat.

Neither Scoop nor Au seems to mind that it takes ages to clean off the dirt afterwards, so I suppose the cooling off method does work - or at least have some psychological value. Might go for a roll myself come sundown!

PS the picture above is Au cleaning up after a nice roll.

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