Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mouse Guy Caught

Rattus Norvegicus taken by Esmeralda Took
After four days of patient waiting, Scoop caught our mouse guy creeping from the roof and into the bathroom where the night time bowl of cat biscuits is kept.

As Scoop was taking his victim outside, I saw its poor frightened face, eyes bulging with terror at the thought of being mauled to death by this huge monster. I grabbed old fuzzy, and told him to drop.

Scoop was fuming but he dropped the mouse and growled threats as it scurried off into the bushes at the end of the garden. I hope it's had the sense to go through the drain and into the banana plantation at the end of the road because if it sets a paw in this house again, Scoop will have him for breakfast.

PS The Rattus Norvegicus picture was provided by Liftarn who puts his pics on Wikicommons.


Anonymous said...

I once caught a rat in a rat trap but I didn't have a heart to kill it. I took the trap to the bushes and release the rat. As the rat was comming out of the trap I told the rat never to come back to my house.That was the last I saw it.

Anonymous said...

Rats may be pests, but they have a terrible time - especially with cats about. Best they stick to the country!