Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No Worries!

AU fast asleep in bed
Cats can beat up the dog next door, have a few rounds of fisty-cuffs with a rival tomcat, admonish their human personal servant over the size and quality of the evening meal and then, when the entire neighbourhood is quivering with resentment, fall gently asleep on the best part of the sofa.

Cats never let anything get in between them and a good snooze. They know that worrying won't alter facts and that exhaustion merely adds to tension. You will never see a cat toss and turn, nor will you see a cat trying to stumble through the day yawning and rubbing their eyes, punchdrunk with lack of sleep.

I can't remember the time I slept through the night. Tossing and turning because my stupid brain won't shut up has become routine.

Looking at Scoop and Au I've decided I'm going to follow their example. No more worrying about what happened today or what may come tomorrow. I'm going to get a good night sleep and let tomorrow come as it will.

PS The picture is of Au taking a snooze in bed.

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