Tuesday, July 04, 2006

On Strike

Qwill in bed
There was a rat dancing on the top of the toilet tank this morning. It waved its tail at me in the most cheeky manner, took a casual look around, and then went to sit behind the tank.

I dived straight into the bedroom and woke up Au. "There's a rat in the bathroom," I said shaking his shoulder. Instead of leaping into action, Au yawned and rolled over. Thinking he hadn't heard me I told him again but Au merely shut his eyes tight, put a paw over his face and dozed off again. He had been out all night and he was exhausted, his posture implied.

Determined to show him his duty, I picked Au up, and pointed to the intruder's hiding place. Au sniffed, looked at me as though I was barking and went back to bed. As Scoop had gone out for an early morning walk and was nowhere to be found there was only one thing to do: I had a shower with the rat in situ.

Cats might be among nature's top predators, but one thing's for sure: putting a sleepy cat to work is a sheer impossibility.

Note: The sleepy cat in bed is Qwill who lives in Madrid with my mum, Norma


Anonymous said...

My daughter in Canada once saw a rat in her rented room. She borrowed the cat from the student staying downstairs. The cat immediately sniffed at the hiding place of the rat. She patiently waited. In the early hours in the morning my daughter heard a sound and woke up to find the cat had killed the rat. The rat was disposed in the proper manner. She has no food, so a pat on the head was the reward.

Ellen Whyte said...

Scoop is on the job! He's taken up position on the edge of our bed which gives him a good view of the bathroom, and good height for pouncing. So when next the rat sneaks in over the roof through the window, he'll get the shock of his life.

Au is asleep in his box.

Anonymous said...

Ching Ching is good at follow up service. Every now and them she will come to the bedroom to exterminate any more rodent.