Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bath Time!

Scoop having a bath
The haze continues to choke us all in Subang Jaya but Scoop and Au aren't feeling the heat - they were given their semi-annual bath this morning.

It was an affecting scene. When put in the sink and soaped up, Au howled as though his heart was breaking. When it was his turn, Scoop did his best impersonation of Early Christian Martyr cat being tortured by Nero's troops.

Now the bathing ritual is over, both cats are sitting in the sun, rearranging their coats. They are also muttering quietly to each other, and shooting me filthy looks.

No doubt about it, I'm going to suffer for the indignities they've suffered. And as cats like to take their time putting together the perfect revenge, it's bound to be a dilly.

I'm on tenterhooks...

PS: the picture is Scoop doing his utmost to keep his tummy out of the sink. Old fuzzy is wriggly, but he doesn't stick out claws.


Anonymous said...

Just love that tabby kitty!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine the trouble you have to go thru :) Been there done that :) I have 5 adult cats. I used to bath 2 of them before; both are longhair. But i'm having difficulty handling them. So now i'll just send them to the vet for grooming which cost me $80 each. But i send them for grooming for once every 4 months. Can't afford to send them often as i have 3 others to send too! :)