Friday, August 11, 2006

The Cat with the Dirty Face

We have had an intruder the last few weeks: it's an orange and white cat with a dirty face - and dirty ears, tail and paws too.

This orange kitty is a creature of stealth. He has broken into the house to steal cat biscuits from the kitchen. I've got him red-pawed on several occasions and suspect he's been in and out without being caught much more often.

Scoop is seriously alarmed at the invasion. Au is fuming. I don't like a strange cat wandering in, but his dirty coat suggests he's starving. So when he turned up at the back door a few days ago with our group of stray black girls we feed I was quite pleased.

As it turns out the dirty faced kitty has excellent manners. He waits to be invited to join the girls in their morning and afternoon biscuits and he says MEOW before eating. Yesterday he came right up to me to ask for a cuddle before breakfast.

I don't mind rubbing his chin for a moment but he's still far from clean. I wonder how he would feel about a bath?

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