Sunday, August 27, 2006

Catnap Fest

Scoop fast asleep in front of the window
If you had a choice, would you be a cat? It's a tough life is you're a street kitty, but if you have a home or at least access to free meals twice a day, life isn't so hard. This is especially true in Malaysia where there are no frosty winters to deal with.

Today is hot, sticky, muggy, and the sky is grey with either pollution or rain cloud - it's hard to tell. As Scoop and Au are wearing fur coats, the weather is suffocating. Both cats had a long lie this morning, a late breakfast and are now fast asleep.

The outside cats have flaked out too. The black girls are lying in a heap under some bushes; their kittens are lethargically chewing each others ears and tails while lying down in the shade.

I'm sitting in the office, trying to work up enthusiasm to get two pieces done before the deadline. Would I want to be a cat? I'm thinking it may not be a bad thing.

PS The picture is Scoop fast asleep in front of the window.


Anonymous said...

This should wake up Snoop in no time flat :)

best regards,
sm luvs cats 2

Anonymous said...

In my past lives, I was worshipped by the serfs in Egypt - ahhh those were the days....Later on I was unceremoniously dumped into the bonfire while my mistress was burned at the stake - a curse on those puritans!

As I travelled through the ages I was rescued by my master as a kitty and was knighted as a playmate for his daughter, Boonie. I was very fond of her and she of me. We would play hide-and-seek under the the giant tree but soon tragedy (and lightning) struck and it all fell on me. Boonie cried buckets until her father, using metaphysical spells, decided I have enough tragedies in my life and MUST be reborn as a human.

And now I seek to be reunited with my master and Boonie again as I find living as a cat is better than experiencing the complexities of human life.

Where are you my kind and generous master and the sweet Boonie? I hope to meet you before you move on to the next life...

Anonymous said...

Your recent pieces in The Star piques the cat lover in me (tho I can only admire friends' pets and tease the occasional felines who hang around mamak shops)

This is something I picked up off that may be of interest.

You may even want to hold a contest like the current one for pix of cats?

best regards,

Anonymous said...

that will b a good idea. fixed meal every day, with toys to play, sleep most of the time, bully others, wrecking things up side down n give that Puss-in-boots innocent eyes look at our owner.

but i will try to shush when i be given a bath.