Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cats and Dogs

SM's comment that sent readers to a page of costumed dogspictures got me thinking about the relationship between cats and people and dogs and people. You know, the bit about "who's boss".

Scoop and Au are very traditional in their outlook: they rule and we serve. Their dignity is palpable, even when things go disastrously wrong. Last week, for example, Tom went to sit in his chair, not realising Scoop was in residence. Luckily only feelings were hurt. Scoop spent the next few days scolding Tom for sitting on him, and when he had received his thousand apologies, old fuzzy agreed to forget about the incident.

I just can't help but think that a dog in similar circumstances would assume being sat on was some sort of punishment that required lots of loud panting, whining, paw offering and other doggy signs of apology...

Dogs are irresistibly sweet, but it can be hard to respect them.

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bibliobibuli said...

Quite right too. We humans must learn our place.

I am owned by six moggies, one adopted from PAWS, one picked up from the drain in Taman Tun, and four walk-in-but-never-walk-out again cats. They all have strong opinions about everything, which can be exhausting but never dull.

I enjoy your column in the Weekend Star very much indeed. Cats - particularly the unfluffy show-cat types, need all the friends they can get.

Last week you wrote about games to be played with your cat. Here's another which my husband and I like to play with our eldest cat, Muffin, who insists on sleeping on the dining table between us. With her explicit permission (we wouldn't dare otherwise) we take turns to place small objects on her back - paper clips, pencils, reading glasses etc. (our dining table is always pretty messy). when she has had enough she just shakes herself and the whole lot avalanches off. the person who placed the last object is the loser and has to clear the plates.