Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cultural Barriers

Walking past two tom cats squaring up for a fight last week, a friend asked, "Is that what you mean when you say cats talk a lot?"

She wasn't kidding either; she really can't tell the difference between cats saying, "Hey! Long time no see my friend!" and "Come over here and say that, you miserable rag tag of fur, and I'll claw you to pieces!"

Many of the people I know are the same; they are startled at a friendly MREOWF from Scoop or a tentative ikikik from Au.

As most of these people are city-bred, I thought it was just lack of experience but a neighbour and fellow cat fan put it differently, "It's because you're in Subang Jaya and Scoop and Au are from Kuching and Malacca," she said.

So that's what it is: cultural barriers!

PS If you don;t have a clue about Malaysia, click on the map! Kuching is in Sarawak, Malacca is called Melaka on this map, and Subang Jaya is a suburb of Kuala Lumpur.

Map of Malaysia

The map is courtesy of the University of Texas at Austin and according to their Library Web Material Usage Statement is in the public domain.

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