Friday, August 04, 2006

Double Trouble

Kitties Collapso after a hard day's mischief

Au is downstairs, trying to force open the door of the cupboard where I keep board games and interesting things like tablemats. He must have been a burglar in his last life; he still has a very clever paw when it comes to doors. Unfortunately he's also a bit clumsy. Last time he went in that cupboard the heavy-pawed little fuzz broke my saltshaker.

Scoop was snoozing on top of my pirate's chest in front of the bedroom window but Au’s frustrated yikyikyik as the door hinges stick woke Scoop up. Old fuzzy is healing fast and his sense of mischief is blossoming. Now he's on his way to see how he can contribute to the project.

Both Scoop and Au have been incredibly busy the last few days. When I came back from the wet-market this morning they had brought back a frog and were watching as it hopped around the living room floor.

While I put the frog back outside, the cats took the opportunity to go through the marketing. They had carefully opened all the bags, just to see what was in there that might be interesting for cats. Scoop was admiring the chicken livers I bought for him, and Au was busy rolling onions over the kitchen floor.

Sitting in my office upstairs, I can hear them talking to each other as they cooperate to wedge open the cupboard door. Normally I would go and tell them to go play outside instead of creating havoc, but today I don’t care if they break every dish in the house. They're healthy, and they're happy. After weeks of illness and worry, it’s great to have everything back to normal.

PS Another instalment of Katz Tales will be published in the Malaysian national daily The Star in the Weekend section tomorrow. Check it out, send in a picture of your cat and win a basket of cat treats!

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