Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Getting Better

Scoop on his favourite box
Scoop is feeling better. He's suffering from a fungal infection that caused two sore areas over his temples but his new sporanox medicine is really knocking back the bugs. In just two weeks the sore bits have shrunk from 50 Sen coin sized areas to one Sen coin size patches. We hope he'll be his handsome self again in a week or so from now.

In the meantime our recovering kitty has taken up position on his favourite box in front of the window in our bedroom. He spends most of his mornings there, lying in comfort on his towel, keeping an eye on the birds that flutter about outside.

Life is good!

For some questions and answers about cat skin care, check out VetInfo Cat Skin Care. PS This is heavyduty medicine for cats, so if your vet prescribes sporanox, remember to ask about supplements that protect your kitty's liver.

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