Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hazy Days

The cat with the dirty face is nowhere to be seen, and the kittens have been moved on to a new home down the road so the place is very quiet. Scoop and Au have heaved a sigh of relief at the sudden peace, and are lolling about on the sofa.

The heat and air pollution have been particulalry punishing these last few days. There is an oily smell in the air, and the smog is so thick that we can't even see the building complex down the road clearly.

The Malaysian government won't share API figures with the public, but this smog is almost as bad as it was last year when a national emergency was declared. Thanks to the Internet, we can get hot spot and haze information from the National Environment Agency in Singapore. It looks like we're in for a nasty few weeks - again.

This poisonous fog is making us all (cats and people) cough. Also, both kitties have rather grubby coats and not enough energy for a good wash. We try not to bathe the cats as its not good for their fur (and it's also a stressful experience) but I'm seriously thinking of giving them a bath on Saturday morning.

It may invigorate them for an hour or so, but it won't be a popular move!

PS Another installment of Katz Tales will be published in the Malaysian national daily The Star in the Weekend section on Saturday. Check it out, send in a picture of your cat and win a basket of cat treats!

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