Monday, September 11, 2006

Breakfast Battles

Scoop and Au having breakfast
Every morning Scoop and Au come upstairs at dawn to ask Tom to get up and serve breakfast. When Tom stumbles downstairs, they open a sachet of cat food together, and dump it into 2 dishes. Au then moves from one dish to the other, pushing Scoop out of the way each time. Scoop being a patient, peaceable person doesn’t mind.

This is pretty standard cat behaviour. Every cat always thinks the food is better in the other bowl. What blew me away though is that Tom tells me he puts food in 2 dishes even if Scoop is having a long lie. Apparently Au doesn't really enjoy breakfast unless he can dance between the bowls.

Weird, isn't it?

PS here's Scoop and Au having breakfast.


Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Haha....Cute, can see that both Au and Scoop are big eaters.

My cats share the same bowl. They do not eat a lot but they have come to terms with a certain pecking order, on who to eat first. Garlic is the man of the house and he normally eat first. But he does let Ginger and Pepper share if they are hungry.

Garlic however, only eat fresh dry food (I feed them dry Proformance Kitten Food). Any food left over from the night before, he would not touch.

Ellen Whyte said...

Scoop and Au share their upstairs bowls of biscuits and water, and their downstairs water glass, but soft food meals are always presented in individual dishes.

Scoop eats very slowly and Au eats rather quickly. Scoop loves the jelly part of tinned food and Au loves the chunky fish bits.

I give leftover wet food and biscuits to the cats outside. (unless I forget and it's too old - then I throw it out and feel guilty!)

Anonymous said...

yeap, cats tend to b kinda hv roving eyes when it comes to food. having 7 cats in my life, each of my cat hv their own bowl n some of them need to be eat alone separating from the others coz some tends to eat slowly while some tends to gallop like there's no tomorrow. Therefore, in order all of them got enough nutrients n a full stomach, i had chosen some of my cats to b separated during meal time.