Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Breeders and Pet Shops

Tonkinese cat from Wikipedia
There's a good post on New Cats On The Blog about breeders and pet shops. This is a very interesting topic sure to get all cat lovers excited!

Scoop and Au were strays before they moved in with us, but I did buy a cat in Malaysia once. She was a reject from a Kuching Malaysia (also known as Piawaian Kucing Malaysia) breeding programme. I bought her in Kajang from a breeder who was licensed etc. I can't remember the name of the woman, but when I popped over she sold me the cat - no questions asked!

I literally turned up with the cash and took the cat away with me. Nobody asked me if I knew anything about cats, where I was taking her etc. They also didn't take my name, number or any contact details. I abhor kitten mills and find most pet shops to be modern incarnations of Ancient Roman slave markets (motto: got the cash? take it home!) but my experience says breeders can be purely interested in $$$ too.

FYI: the kuching malaysia kitty in question is living very happily in PJ with another cat companion (a rescued stray)

PS To me Kuching Malaysia look like Siamese but experts say they look like Tonkinese cats. The Tonkinese cat picture here is courtesy of Scott Turner.

For a picture of a proper Kuching Malaysia visit this article: KUCINTA - THE LOVE CAT OF SINGAPORE - AND THE BOBTAILS OF MALAYSIA


Horatio said...

Hi Ellen, thanks for raising this issue in your blog. This is indeed a serious issue which to my surprise none of our authorities seems to b showing any interest to tackle such problem. I had been visiting many petshops and breeders and it is just sad to see animals being treated like some comodity rather than a living thing. That is 1 reason why i had created New Cats on the Blog. which is to ppl what is happening in the cat world in Malaysia. I had been actively attended cat shows / exhibitions (except for the last 2 shows) not just to show my cats but also sieze the oppurtunity to distribute leaflets to the public of The Importance of Pet Ownership, How To Choose A Reputable Breeder and Say No To Petshop Selling Animals (See the 10 Commandments that I had created). I m not an extreme activist but I do strongly felt, as a animal lover, they deserve to be treated with respect as how we, ourselves wanted to b respected.

Horatio said...

I had put an article about Kucing Malaysia in my blog. Kucing Malaysia was created so that Malaysia would have it's own pedigree cat similar like Singapura (it is a Singapore cat), British Shorthair, Abyssinian etc. Click here for more info

Unknown said...

It is awesome cats are good looking i like them.


Russ Dotson

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