Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Cat with the Dirty Face Returns

he cat with the dirty face
He's back! The cat with the dirty face marched up to the front of the house, and tried to break in. Unfortuneately for him, Au was standing guard. When I heard the ritual exchange of insults turning into a big furball fight, I went out to break it up.

Imagine my surprise when Scoop shot out past me, and dived into the scrum. When Scoop gave the cat with the dirty face a big wallop with his paw, the invador realised two against one are bad odds.

My appearance was the last straw. The enemy took one look at the united front, turned tail very slowly, and marched off with both fur and dignity intact.

When Au came in he pretended to be annoyed at the interference but the way he licked my hand when I checked he was OK showed he was secretly quite relieved.

This morning the dirty faced kitty turned up at the back door asking for biscuits as though nothing had happened. Let's hope he stays there!

PS The cat with the dirty face eating breakfast.


Anonymous said...

poor thing. look at the sad face. Take good care of him

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

The face looks like it has some bruises on it. Is it just dirty?

Ellen Whyte said...

Don't wory it's not bruises - he's just very grubby. He came round again this morning and had a big breakfast, so hopefully he'll now spend some time washing himself. i've asked him very nicely to spend some time on this... If he turns up for afternoon buscuits, I might give him a helping hand with a damp cloth - if he'll let me.