Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crashed Out Cat

Au in bed
There is something up with our junior cat: for the last week Au has been getting up at 2AM, going out for his rounds until 6AM and then going back to bed for the rest of the day.

He surfaces at about 6PM, has dinner, goes for a walk, destroys the newspapers under the coffee table, and then marches back up to bed around 8PM. It's not like him at all.

He's got a healthy appetite, his eyes are bright, his nose and paw pads are just the right temperature. He looks fine, but I was worried about him, so last night I went upstairs to have a chat with him. Just to see if everything is OK.

Au was lying in bed, curled up on the sheets, with a bit of blanket held tightly in his paws. He looked like a rugby player who’d fallen asleep in a scrum. As I came in he looked, yawned, stretch and moved over. When I petted him, his purr started up and he turned over to have his tummy tickled.

As Au is awfully ticklish, this peaceful scene lasted mere seconds. He grabbed my hand, bit my finger, and we ended up having a wild game of hide and seek that took us from the bed to his favourite cardboard box in the hall.

There's nothing wrong with mr kitty, he's just taking it easy.

PS: This is a pic of Au in bed. As you can see, he's so sleepy, he can't even keep his eyes open!


fawzia said...

Been reading your stories in the starpaper . Losing a pet can be upsetting , i ve have lost 2 of my cats one is a big fellow name ginger and the other one is a 3 mth old kitten name brownie , we looked all over for days but no where to be found. I got 4 cats at so far , and on the day i landed home from Australia about 2 wks ago with my daugther , my maid told me that she been hearing a kitten calling for its mum at the house below for 2 days and dare not go into the chinese lady houe to get the kitten . So we decided to go and the lady let us in and we found a small kitten about 2 wks old meowing for its mother , l decided to take the small kitten back and fed him with some milk from one of the kitten bottles that we kept. We name him mango and he is now bigger and eating soft rice with boiled fish ., once he is old enough a friend of mine is adopting mango ( he is all ginger in colour), Iam glad to have saved mango, otherwise he could be history by now.

Its nice having these 4 legged animals around and watching the fun they create sometimes.

Horatio said...

Cats most of the time loves to sleep. Some said cats can sleep for 18 hours with on n off waking up, going to toilet n sleep etc. I guessed if ur cat is eating, drinking, peeing, pooing fine n also able to interact with the owner, it shud b fine.