Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hypo-Allergenic Cat

Apparently a company called Allerca has been breeding hypo-allergenic cats in order to provide pets for that niche market: cat lovers who get the sneezles when they touch their feline companions.

Tests confirm their first success: an 18-month-old cat named Joshua who is hypo-allergenic.

These cats are supposed to be on the market from early next year at US$4000 (that's about RM14,800) If I read it right, kittens sold are always spayed or neutered which I assume means you can't buy a young kitten, only one over 6 months old. No doubt this is to keep some sort of patent protection going.

This is not a joke! The company web site is here and an explanation of how they did this is here.

News reports are coming out. Check out one from CBS and one from Yahoo. A video is available from here.

Now this take the discussion about buying cats from breeders and pet shops to a whole new level. Can anyone say "lifestyle-pet company"?


Anonymous said...

What next? Dogs that don't poop?!

Gina Hornbaker said...

Are they ever going to be affordable???????????????