Thursday, September 21, 2006

Market Day

wet market in subang jaya
Scoop is patrolling the fridge area, shouting MEOUW! at regular intervals. He knows I went to the wet market this morning, and he's confirmed I bought some nice fresh chicken liver as well as some chicken legs. Now old fuzzy is demanding an early lunch.

It's always the same on market days. I stagger out of bed at 7AM, drive to the local market, and then try to figure out what we might want to eat in the next day or two. When the sight of even a raw tomato is not quite the thing, this is not easy an easy job.

Luckily I have firm instructions from Scoop. His order is the same each time: chicken of any shape or form, plus a slice of fresh beef just for fun.

Cats: they take over your life - and your shopping basket.

PS a picture of our local wet market.

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Anonymous said...

I used to have a cat who actually loves spicy food i.e. chicken curry with rice! I thought it weird but he seems to actually enjoyed it.

p.s. lots of Meows & Purrs to Scoop & Au - absolutely love to hear of their antics!