Monday, September 18, 2006

New Arrivals

We’ve got a heap of kittens at the back. Two are pure black, two are calico. The black kittens are slightly larger than the calico ones, so we’re guessing that they are different litters.

It’s hard to tell who belongs to whom, as the black girls who live in the back lane are all sisters and half-sisters who share everything – from their food bowls to their lovers to the duties of motherhood.

The kittens are just piled on top of each other, with mums popping in from time to time to give them a quick clean and cuddle. We’ve given the kittens a box to sleep in, and are giving the mums some extra food.

There are about a dozen stray cats living in the back lane. When we first moved here they were raggedly creatures, full of sores. Thanks to twice daily cat biscuits, dosed with worming medicine at proper intervals, they now look clean and glossy. But the fact is that there are too many of them.

Even if we could catch these cats, the cost of taking a dozen of them to the vet to be spayed would be prohibitive, especially as almost all are girls who would need to be boarded for a few days.

Kittens and cats are lovely, but we do wish some of our tax money would go to a catch, spay and release programme to reduce the number of strays.


Anonymous said...

for budget wise, i think Klinik Kembiri wud be the effective cost.

Ellen Whyte said...

Can you tell me where Klinik Kembiri is?

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

You can check out the Kembiri campaign at
Its only RM40 for males and RM60 for females.

Garlic is due for his castration soon too, he is now 5 months old. I will be sending him to my local vet who is gonna charge me RM145. I guess its more for comfort of mind knowing that he receives a better service.

I have recently see a pregnant stray cat around my house area too. But she would run away everytime I tried to go near :(

Katz Tales, the moms actually let you put the kittens in the boxes? They do not carry them away?

Ellen Whyte said...

For little Garlic the op should be fine. Scoop and Au were done at home. They were fuzzy for a few hours, but back to 100% normal the next day. And of course they miled the situation for all the treats they could!

RE the strays at the back...Half my girls let me touch them; the other half are a bit too wild. They trust me with the kittens but they do move them about every three days or so. Problem with my bigger girls is:

1. Catching and transporting them.
2. Knowing which ones have kittens somewhere. Our lane is quite long and I'm not sure which cat has kittens. Wouldn't want to take one away and have kittens dying slowly.
3. There are so many of them!

Still, RM60 per cat sounds OK. I can do them in batches maybe. Will contact them to find out more.


Anonymous said...

I sent one of my cat to a local govt animal clinic to be spayed. She got a 2" stiches! She was in pain, I felt so guilty cos I wanted to pay less for the surgery. When I adopted 2 more strays, I sent them to a local vet, expensive but it gives me the comfort knowing that they get the best services and recover fast.

Horatio said...

well, shud anyone cud afford, go to private or else, the government's is always available.

Ellen Whyte said...

I pay Scoop and Au's vet bills without a qualm - it's part and parcel of looking after a cat.

But to pay RM150 per cat spayed plus boarding services for 4 to 5 days while theire stitches heal, and to times that by 9 cats (plus 4 new kittens!) is just unafforadable for me.

Unfortunately I am orang puteh so everyone thinks I'm working on an expat's salary and rolling in cash. I won't be able to take advantage of any scheme I think, but I'll try and talk my neighbours into helping.

Thanks for the tips. Will keep you posted.