Friday, October 13, 2006

Battle Cat

Au with a black eye
The Cat With The Dirty Face staged another reappearance a few days ago, creating spats, fights and general MROUWL-ing fights all over the place. Poor Au had a black eye for a day (see picture).

A peaceful silence has descended, and the dirty-faced kitty has taken up position in the back lane, the free zone in our area where all cats meet on equal ground. He’s eating cat biscuits and taking it easy. I’m hoping he'll settle down and end his ambitions of street conquest. We really don't need more wars.

PS Au's black eye lasted hours only. He is back to his usual handsome self, complete with wide open, clear and deliciously green eyes.

PPS It's Friday the 13th today, a day considered so unlucky in the UK that some people suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia, an irrational fear of this date. Find out more about this weird superstition by reading Friday the 13th.

PPPS Katz Tales is out in the Weekend section of The Star tomorrow. Don't forget to buy your copy!


Horatio said...

Poor Au. Hope he recovers soon...

Anonymous said...

what's the scratch on his nose? same fight?

Ellen Whyte said...

Au is 100%. The scratch on his nose went after a day as well - think it was more dirt than anything else... It may have been that fight, or it might have been playing with Scoop. Old fuzzy gets a bit excited every now and again - especially when Au bites him in the ear!

Anonymous said...

Hi.. just want to tell you that i luv reading ur column in The Star newspaper every Saturday. Will always look forward for that column :)

I have 5 cats. 2 female and 3 male. Milo, Lat are longhair and mixed breed; Smokey,mixed shorthair; Simba and Becky, stray. All my cats are neutered. But i'm having problem with Milo lately. He just like to pee on the mat in the house. If he sees any mat or any cloth he can find in the house, there he goes. At the momemnt, i try not to leave any cloth lying around in the house, esp the kitchen. Am still trying to find the solution for this. Any suggestion?

By the way, how do i get to post my cat pix on this page?

Anonymous said...

Au sounds so garang! haha... I wonder if Garlic will be like that when he grows older. Now he is just a gentle soul.

Anonymous, how old is Milo?

Ellen Whyte said...

Glad you like Tales!

Cats peeing in places that aren't designated bathrooms may:
a)have a kidney or bladder problem.
b)be worried about terrritory.
c)be suffering from mental stress.

If it's not A and your cat sin't depressed, stressed or in any other way upset, then your kitty may simply be saying "This is my patch" When a stray cat comes into the house, Scoop and Au go ballistic. And very sometimes they'll pee on the mat in front of the door, just to show this is their space.

You can send me small pics less than 400K please to tales AT But these won't go to the Star, so if you want to win the prize, details are at Star Purina Basket Prize at