Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cat's Night Out

Scoop snoozing
Scoop is fast asleep on the box in front of the bedroom window. He's in that phase where he's out all night, and asleep all day.

Scoop's evenings out all follow the same pattern. Old fuzzy goes out at about 11PM. He sits on the wall and watches our neighbours come home from various eateries. And Scoop being a friendly cat, he makes a point of greeting his favourite people. We can hear him shout MEOW! and his friends shouting Hello Scoop! Hello Sayang!

The rest of the night is spent patrolling neighbouring gardens and sitting on top of the Beetle so he can see all the way down to the end of our road.

From what I can tell, if there is any rat hunting to be done, this starts just before dawn. At least, I hear a strangled PEEP and Scoop comes trotting in ten minutes later, happily showing us his gift for services rendered.

There is nothing like wakening up to a freshly killed rat...

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