Thursday, October 12, 2006

Inspiring Cats

We’ve had a very relaxed morning. The cats had breakfast before dawn with Tom while I lazed about in bed. Then the cats bounced upstairs, and threw themselves into bed to enjoy a quick wash and a long cuddle. Scoop curled up against me and purred, while Au rolled about on his back and licked my fingers in a friendly way.

When the clock insisted the workday start, I got up and settled down to business. As I work from home, and my PC is about 6 meters from the bed, this is not exactly awe inspiringly difficult but with such a friendly start to the day I feel as though I’m capable of anything.

Scoop is an old boy so he’s still in bed, curled up like a donut between two pillows. But Au has trotted into the office and is lying at my feet, keeping a careful eye on me. There will be no shirking while he’s in charge.

Cats: can’t live without them, and certainly don't want to work without them!

PS You can tell Au wasn’t looking over my shoulder last week when I wrote Seen A Callipygian Girl? for The Star, using "Phyrric" instead of "Pyrrhic". I should have spotted it, especially when the reference "King Pyrrhus" was in the previous sentence! Luckily someone spotted the error, and wrote in to mention it. Will triple check next batch of Logomania!

BTW, Logomania, or crazy about words, is derived from the Greek roots "log" meaning "word" and “mainesthai” meaning “mad”. It’s a made-up word so it’s not in the dictionary – yet!

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