Friday, October 27, 2006

Monsoon Cats

This is the first year since 1997? 1998? that we've had a proper monsoon season in October. It's been lashing down at lunchtime, at teatime and at night for days now. Scoop and Au are not impressed. They sit at the window, staring out at the rain, and sulking because it's too wet for cats to go out and play.

What's worse, Scoop has no weather sense at all. He keeps getting caught by showers when he's at the end of the road. I'm putting his towel by the door for convenience but old fuzzy is not amused.

Hey, at least it gets rid of this foul air polution!

BTW, Katz Tales is out tomorrow in the Weekend section of the Malaysian national daily The Star. Buy a copy please, so I can keep Scoop and Au in the luxury they wish to become accustomed to!

And in today's Mind Your English section is Heavy Metal: Popular and versatile, iron’s tough image has become part of the English language. Feedback much appreciated.

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