Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Public Holiday

Au in bed
It's a public holiday. I'm not sure what exactly we're celebrating, but we're making the most of it by enjoying a day or peace and quiet. Scoop and Au have had two breakfasts, a wrestle on the big rug upstairs and are now fast asleep in bed. Scoop is curled up in the spare bedroom that he has taken for his own, and Au has thrown himself in the middle of our bed.

Normally at this time of day the kitties would be visiting their friends in the street. But the air pollution is just too much for little cat lungs to handle. And the smell offends Their Fastidious Majesties as their friend SM has nicknamed them.

Our dirty air is so thick today that it's even obscuring the condo just 100 meters down the road. But as the guys in Kusar Cabana, our local pub in SS15, pointed out last night, this foul fog might just help us stamp out the dengue fever that's been plaguing us! And it is true that the mozzies seem to be less strident these days…

Every cloud has a silver lining. Even a smoggy one.

PS Here's Au taking it easy. A cat in bed is not just a joy to behold, it's also the perfect excuse for not making the bed.

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Horatio said...

Au looks exactly like my Big Wesley.