Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rat Catchers

All hell broke loose last night. Scoop caught a mouse (or possibly a baby rat) in the garden. After he caught it, old fuzzy very generously allowed Au to play with it. Au took it upstairs and dropped the dratted thing. Now we have a mouse guy hiding behind the wardrobe.

I always try to rescue prey on the basis that even rats need to live. Most of the time they escape from Scoop's jaws unharmed, and scuttle off to the end of the road where they can live a happy, carefree life in the banana patch someone maintains there.

But last night Scoop moved out of reach when I tried to rescue said mouse in the garden. Moments later I thought the mouse had croaked. Apparently I was wrong; it was simply playing dead.

I've left the windows open, and closed the door. Hopefully it will escape, shake the dust off its feet and move on....

PS here is Au with a mouse. Not last nights mouse, but one he caught a few months ago.

PPS Have kids who want to improve their English? Check out Seen a callipygian girl? published in The Star today!


Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Oh dear. A mouse hiding behind the wardrobe? If it happens to me, I think I will faint. I don't think my cats are good mouse catcher, not that they have a chance. My dog makes sure that there are no creatures on 4 legs ever roam into my compound. It is strictly for family only.

Did they mouse escaped?

Anonymous said...

Our house cat caught a bird. We never imagine it is a good hunter, let alone a female. Made a bloody mess at the porch with the bird's feathers or what is left of the bird.