Monday, October 30, 2006

Terror Cat

black cat and kittens
When I opened up the back door this morning there was a pile of cats stuffed in the corner. All the black girls were there, plus three generations of kittens. Usually the backdoor cats run around in the lane, and come in for breakfast. But for the last week they've been heaped in the shelter of our porch every morning. I think they're hiding from fireworks.

We've had bang, crackle, whizz here every night starting from Deepavali and running through Raya. Everyone seems to have the urge to create a lot of smoke and noise. Scoop doesn't bother but Au hides under the table when the ruckus starts. And it looks like the black girls are terrified too.

I'm wondering if it will end now or if this is merely a run-up to an almighty spectacular for Halloween. Either way, nobody would guess this stuff is banned!

PS Sorry that Katz Tales wasn't published on Saturday. I suspect it was a Hari Raya thing as other regular columns from the paper were missing too. Will check with the ed to see when the next issue is printed.

PPS Here is the latest batch of kittens courtesy of one of the back lane black girls.


Anonymous said...

KatzTales, I have problem viewing the picture. Only part of the picture is displayed. Wondered if anyone else have the same problem. The pictures from the previous posts are OK.

Ellen Whyte said...

Good morning, you're up and surfing early! Isn't that the weirdest thing ever? Have reloaded the image to the server and it's OK now. How's Pepper and Garlic and the rest of the team?

Anonymous said...

Yea, back to work on a Monday morning, not exactly my favorite day of the week.

The team at home is doing great. Pepper and Garlic recovering from the fungal infection, so very slowly. Other than that, they are their playful, manja self.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was thinking..... Do you want to try to see if there is anyone who is willing to adopt the kittens after they are weaned at probably 2-3 months old? We can take some photos and post it at a few websites. This will help reduce the strays a bit.

Ellen Whyte said...

Problem is that many are WILD. Ther is one who is very sweet but she is one month old and still needs her mum. If she makes it, and someone is willing to take her to live with other cats (she is used to living in a tribe so needs company) then I'll start asking about in about a month or so.

Two kittens are older but too shy to be picked up. I'm going slowly and hope that they will eventually let me box them up and take them to be dressed.

Pics coming soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You got so many kittens living at your backyard! I am looking forward to the pictures! hehe...