Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Automatic Chicken Detector

Scoop and Au in bed
I snuck into the kitchen this morning, rescued the leftover chicken from the box in the fridge, and started putting the meaty in the pot to make stock for soup. But it was no use. Scoop appeared out of nowhere and with a loud MRAUF! demanded I hand over "his" chicken.

As I started stripping the minescule meat remains from the bones for him, I wondered how it is that he always knows what's happening in the kitchen. When I started he wasn't in the house, he was across the street visiting a neighbour he likes. So how did he know what I was up to? I'm convinced he's got some sort of inbuilt chicken detector.

Anyway, having made sure the bones were picked clean properly and there was no more left for cats to claim, old fuzzy retired to bed for a nap.

Here he is, joined by his colleague, Au. Aren't they sweet?


Anonymous said...

Wow Au is so fat!

Ellen Whyte said...

He is a bit tubby, but don't forget that when your rear end is closer to the camera than your shoulders, it adds a few pounds!