Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cat In A Snit

Au is in a snit, and it's all our fault.

Although it's Sunday we all woke up before dawn. When Tom got up just before 7, the cats scampered downstairs with him, and I decided it was a good time to go to the wet market.

Usually Scoop and Au love wet market days. They wait for me to come home, and then dive into the bags to see if I've brought home anything nice for cats to eat. But this morning they herded me into the kitchen, meowing away, and falling over themselves in order to tell me some shocking news: Tom had not fed them breakfast.

Both Scoop and Au pantomimed they were starting, so I rushed to open up a pack of the gourmet foil food, and put it down for them. Au took a look at his bowl, shot a filthy look and me, and marched out.

In the rush to serve their breakfast, I picked up the wrong packet of cat food. Instead of the sardine Snappy Tom they love I picked up pilchard they don't like. Au has decided this breakfast fiasco is a pointed insult. He's sitting outside on the wall, and it’s very clear he's Not Speaking.

Cats! They can be so darn touchy!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha.... you really makes me laugh. I can imagine Au's face as I have seen it a lot of times on Pepper's face!

Ellen Whyte said...

Your cat is spolit!