Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sacked Out

Scoop is completely kitty collapso, dead to the world, determined not to open an eye-lid. He's stuffed to the gills with chicken tandoori.

We ran out of chicken liver late yesterday afternoon, and Scoop had to make do with biscuits - not a happy situation! So when we went out for a drink (at Kusar Cabana, a great place at 37 Jalan SS15/4E Subang Jaya 47500) we went home via the Indian curry house and picked up a load of tandoori.

When he saw what we had brought home, Scoop's sulks vanished. He stuffed his face, washed his whiskers and collapsed.

twelve hours later he still has curry breath but he's happy. All he's saying is MAUF!


Anonymous said...

"Muaf"?? what do Scoop say?? "Maaf" or "Mau" or "I'm very happy"??

Ellen Whyte said...

Scoop says Mauf, wrauf, woof and lots of other things - and mostly very LOUDLY! He's a happy articulated cat...