Monday, December 18, 2006

Beta Blog

I've been unable to get this blog updated for over a week now. As my mate across the street, the technical genius who made the template for this blog, and my mate in Kuching, the one who runs the lepak server, can't figure out what's gone wrong, I'm pushing us over to Beta Blogger. Hopefully this will work. Hold on to your hats!

PS Here's a pic of Au scratching an itch - hope it's not fleas again


katztales said...

Hooray, we're up and running again.

Anonymous said...

Been logging in but no too wonder whats happening...neways
me just want to wish Au, Scoop, u & yr family a meowy happy Xmas & new year too.
XTFI & family

Giant Sotong said...

Better check your sidebar's recent post links... "katztales.html/" shouldn't be in them.

katztales said...

Thanks for the festive cheer Anon - and the helpful note on the links Sotong!