Monday, December 11, 2006

Conked Out

Scoop is fast asleep in bed. So fast asleep that when I stopped to say good morning, he didn't move a muscle. Worried by his immobility (he is an old kitty after all!) I touched him to make sure he was still breathing. Scoop just rolled onto his back, opened half an eye, said something that sounded like Mrowf Grumfle Rumph and passed out again.

It must have been a busy night!
Malay lacewing butterfly
PS here's a pic of a Malay lacewing butterfly. I think it's a beauty and wanted to take a picture to remember it, but if the fuzzies spot it, they'll see it purely as an edible toy. Cats don't have any truck with conservation....

PPS Sorry for the long break. Have been trying to update this page for 8 days now and keep getting that "there were errors" message. Can't figure out what's wrong. Any tips appreciated.

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