Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fish Face

With one thing and another we forgot to stock up on cat biscuits for the strays in the backlane. When the outside cats lined up for breakfast this morning, I gave them rations from Au's biscuit barrel, and the remains of Scoop's stash of chicken liver.

Au gave me a sideways look but as I had some left over, he forgave me. Then I went to the supermarket and remembered to stock up on biscuits but forgot to buy Scoop replacement liver.

The look he gave me could have been packaged and used as poison!

Luckily I remembered I had put some fish in the freezer in case we ever needed emergency rations.

I boiled up the fish, served it neatly chopped in Scoop's best bowl, and stood back. Old fuzzy ate 3 bowls for lunch, and is now shouting up the stairs to tell me he's ready for his first dinner.

Guess forgetting to buy liver wasn't such a disaster after all!

PS: Milking English, a Logomania column about dairy phrases in English has been published in the Star today. Feedback, comments, strictures on my English all gratefully received.

PPS: I'm setting up some web pages for a group of friends collecting money for Precious Childrens Home charity in Petaling Jaya. Anyone looking for pretty Christmas presents please check the Precious Childrens Home page. Linda will give me prices by the end of this week; in the meantime, please call or email her for info,


Anonymous said...

Haha....this reminds me so much of my cats.

Ellen Whyte said...

I can't seem to update my blog! Keep timing out - will keep at it. Ellen

Anonymous said...

Haha, my cat Angel is similar enough!