Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wicked Wiles

There's roast chicken in the fridge and Scoop is determined to snaffle the remains in a late lunch - or possibly a late breakfast as it's just 1PM and he's been having breakfasts on the hour since about 10 this morning.

Scoop is now sitting on the rug in my office, showing MEOWrrrrf!!! every ten minutes or so. He's rather like one of those annoying snooze buttons.

Au isn't interested. He had a bit of chicken yesterday and that's enough for him for a few weeks. The junior fuzz is more interested in ham and what the cat with the dirty face down the street is up to.

I know what will happen. I'll tell Scoop to shut up, to go away, to leve me in peace rather than in pieces, and then I'll get up and give him what he wants.

Scoop is a spoilt brat but we love him. Hey, just as well we don't have kids!

PS If you want to buy Christmas gifts with a charitable cause, please check out Precious Home Passions and read up on who, what, where, when, why, and how in the Star articles a time of giving and Prices for bracelets are in place, the rest will be uploaded by Monday.

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