Friday, January 05, 2007

Fuzz Off

You know those thick woven cotton doormats made that are sold for next to nothing in supermarkets and hardware shops? Scoop thinks they are the ideal snoozing mat.

I bought one to put in front of the bathroom door, but after tripping over old fuzzy three times a day, I moved it to the outside bench where Scoop likes to snooze in the afternoons. It was such a hit that I've placed a second one in the empty drawer in the utility cupboard Scoop likes to retire too every now and again.
Scoop in his drawer
If you've got an old kitty whose bones need a bit of extra comfort, go nuts and buy a few of these mats. You'll get a Meow! of approval!

PS Here's Scoop snoozeling in his drawer.
PPS Katz Tales is out tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

The lion and the Tiger!

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

How cute!

The spice cats at home love the mats too. The tough part is to give the mats a thorough vacumn every week.

Anonymous said...

saw pic in paper...sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

hey, can i enter the contest via email??? because mine is digital camera.

Ellen Whyte said...

Hi Anon, Yes you can send pics to

But please don't send huge file sizes as they have limited inbox space.