Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Fuzzy Terminator

Au and his mouse
Au is in the Weekend section of the Star today (print version only) showing off a captured mouse. Our fuzzy terminator is currently lolling around on the sofa, cleaning his claws, and making plans for the day.

His colleague Scoop has decided one of my plant pots is the best place to snooze the morning away. As my marjoram seedlings died weeks ago, I don’t really mind – except that Scoop’s feet, tummy and chin are covered in bits of soil which he cheerfully dumps on the living room floor when he comes in! But that’s cats for you…

Have a good weekend everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Au is sooooooo cute! My fat kitty Apple doesn't even move when she sees a cocroach.

Kitikata-san said...

what a good mouser you are! I think you should be proud of yourself for providing food for your humans! I have proven to be a terrible mouser, and I don't know how to chase bugs either. That is why I must have my meals catered daily.

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Well Done Au! Such tiny mouse though. What does Au do with it after he caught it?

Don't think any of the Spice Cats will ever catch a mouse, they leave the job to Winter.

Ellen Whyte said...

This mouse was dead when I saw it, so I let Au growl over it for an hour, then when he got bored he gave it to me and we disposed of it together in a double bag in the outside bin.

If he brings in live prey, I go to the rescue - and replace mouse or lizard with a slice of ham!

Anonymous said...

love ur tales. i used to have 3 cats, and they're pretty good at catching cockroaches and lizards. i had to give them away because i was moving overseas, and every time i'm back, i can see evidence of the roachies and lizards triumphally staking their claim to my home. miss my cats. but then, i don't miss the asthma i got from them.