Thursday, January 18, 2007

It’s The Cat’s Meow

There’s a new Logomania article out in The Star today:

It’s the cat’s meow
Love them or loathe them, says Ellen Whyte, cats have put their pawprint on the English language, enriching it with some colourful images.

Au reading the StarFor the conspiracy theorists out there (Hi Kumar! Hi Sara!) yes, it's true. This continuous cat article publication is all part of a secret plan to create a new generation of cat lovers.

Here is a picture of Au reading the Star. As you can see he's a stern critic.

PS: Logomania is a newish column that discusses the meaning and uses of words and phrases, all linked by a central theme (e.g. lunacy, cats, Greek etc). Light-hearted and easy to read, Logomania helps readers who speak English as a second language to improve their word power easily.

I’m syndicating this column with the help of Planet Syndication. Rights for Malaysia and Lesotho have been sold. Interested parties for other countries can contact me via email.

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