Friday, January 26, 2007

Monsoon Drain Kitty

kittens in a beer box
One of the stray girls in the back lane has decided our back door is the best place to keep her kittens. We’ve given her a Tiger Beer box, extra rations, and have half closed the outer screen door so that the new brood don’t get wet when it rains.

This black girl is a sensible sort. She’s decided that we’re good people, and always allows us to pat her. I've picked her up a few times and helped her with some small problems (like a sore patch on her paw, or the occasional split claw) and she has never scratched me.

Now she's a Mum, we’re allowed to change the Tiger Beer box every second day, and admire her kittens briefly. Sweet as the black girl is, she is a Monsoon Drain Kitty at heart, so we don't dare admire too much in case she gets worried and moves her babies.

If they survive, we’ll be looking for homes in 6 weeks time!

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Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

What cute kitties! So nice of you to give them a clean and dry place to sleep. Hopefully they survive and go to good homes who will spay them so they wont produce more homeless kitties!