Friday, February 23, 2007

The Beautiful Game

Scoop jumping on Au and his straw
Au has found a new toy: a drinking straw. He's been batting it around the living room floor, tossing it up in the air, and chasing it under the table. We thought Scoop would be a bit more staid, but last night he too joined in the game, jumping up and down (and on top of Au) with glee.

Unfortunately they moved too quickly and I was too slow with the camera - I only caught a glimpse of Au's face here and Scoop's tail. If the fun and games continue this evening, I will stand by with the video clip recording switched on!

Also, there's a new logomania column out: The Beautiful Game...Considering some three billion people watched the 2006 World Cup, it’s not surprising football terms have migrated to everyday English.

Footballers are agile, but in terms of dexterity I think our fuzzies have the upper hand... or rather, paw.


Ellen Whyte said...

Just realised this photo was taken a month ago - I confused it with last night's that are still on the camera! But looking at the two together they are very similar and this is a better pic.

Anonymous said...

it very relaxing watching cats playing. One of my cats love tossing and scrath the plastic wrapper. During this CNY she is so happy playing with wrapper from the mandarin oranges. My hubby said she jumps like Lion Dance! Maybe we are in the cNY mood... hope Scoop & Au will find some fun with this new toy..