Friday, February 02, 2007

Cats Will Be Cats

Scoop and Au
Two raised voices shouting MAUWWWOW and SHHHHHAW just before 8 o’clock this morning blasted me out of a comfortable snooze. Neither voices sounded like Scoop or Au but as the fuzzies were not in bed, I worried. I called for them, and heard Scoop give a soft throaty meow from upstairs.

Tom had snuck off to the upstairs office at the crack of dawn to tinker with the last few chapters of his book; Scoop was obviously keeping him company. Old fuzzy sent down a message to say he was not involved in the fracas taking place outside.

Au then appeared in the doorway, fur coat all fuzzled up, eyes wide with interest – clearly a cat who had fallen off the sofa and rushed to see what was happening without even the slightest attempt to pat his stripes into place. Giving a small good morning squeak, Au then dashed over to the window, and peered out excitedly.

We soon realized the noise was caused by The Cat Formerly Known For His Dirty Face confronting the fuzzy Persian looking fluff from the end of the road. As TCFKFHDF tends to stick to verbal fights, I left Au to his window watch post and went back to sleep.

I’ll check TCFKFHDF for scratches when he comes for afternoon biscuits, and give him a lecture on the value of good neighbourly relations, but I suspect it won’t do much good. Cats will be cats.

PS Katz tales is out in the print edition of The Star Weekend section tomorrow.

PPS Here's Scoop and Au, tails entwined, sitting companionably on their rug.

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