Saturday, February 10, 2007

If you're interested in magic, check out today's Star weekend section that discusses Susuk a magical way to enhance your power, beauty and charm, and the general attitude to bomohs, Malaysian witchdoctors.

I wrote the pieces Shaman or swindler? Magic In The News and The Feel-Good Factor.

You'll note I am not a believer!

Also, the story on orchids Exotic Beauties is mine too.

Brickbats, etc welcome!

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Anonymous said...

Hi EW a former student of mine sent a link to a video about a UFO in Nanjing that reminded me of the following curious incident.

Once in late 2003 I sat at the back of a church in Ipoh Garden. A small
group of worshippers were sitting in the front pews.

Suddenly one of them disappeared: I could see the pew in front of her, as if she became transparent. Just as suddenly she reappeared after a few seconds,and I am sure she did not bend down or move away. I was not on drugs, drunk or having a fever that afternoon.

One of my women friends told me a similar story: that her companion in meditation had also disappeared and reappeared at one of their meetings.

Then there was the engineer friend who could not find a monocular in a glass cabinet to which only he had the key. Six months or so later, it reappeared.

About a year after my singular experience, a short story about it wrote itself which I posted here.

Read it at your peril.