Thursday, February 22, 2007

It’s Nice To Be Appreciated!

Au woke me up at 2AM with a very quiet meow. Touching me gently with a soft paw I could see his eyes were huge. Obviously he was shocked to his fuzzy core. I followed him to the bathroom and saw what had upset him: his biscuit bowl was empty and his water dish had been defiled by a cat biscuit.

I remedied the situation, and he gave me a brief rub against the ankle to show me he was happy again.

At 615AM Scoop came marching in, sing meow meow mrauf and purring like a small engine. He had cool fur and wet feet, a sure sign that he’d been out for an early morning walk. Clearly invigorated, Scoop decided he needed a big breakfast.

Ignoring Scoop is not an option. I staggered out of bed, went to the kitchen and gave him a bowl of chopped chicken liver. Scoop sat down with a happy MAUF and started eating. Au appeared out of nowhere and joined him, chatting happily.

Obviously they realized they had caught me at both ends of a night’s sleep because when I got up at 8 o’clock both cats were waiting for me. They kept me company while I showered. Supervised while I made coffee, and are now sitting on the office rug, purring loudly and squeezing their eyes when I look at them.

It’s nice to be appreciated!

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