Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ungrateful Fuzzles

Scoop and Au received a huge bag of imported cat biscuits from a friend last week but are they happy? No!

When I brought the bag home, our fuzzies sniffed around it, admiring what was clearly a present for them. We set the humongous bag aside, waiting till they finished their own bag of crunchies.

When the new bag was opened yesterday morning, their precious majesties sat down to enjoy their expensive treats. And guess what? It's a unanimous yeck!

Au came downstairs and gave us a sad look. Scoop marched around, pushing us to look at his cat bowl, and then saying mia-ow which clearly meant, "What is this stuff and where are our proper biscuits?"

So the strays outside are enjoying a mega bag of biscuits, and I went to the supermarket this morning to load up on their favourite Gourmet biscuits.

Cats can be really unpredictable and ungrateful. Just as well they'e gorgeous!


Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Tell me about it. I gave up on trying new food for the Spice Cats at home. Better just stick with what they like!

i am missmobilicious said...

my Mobee only wants biscuits with the word 'Royal' on the packaging. And I have to rotate to different brands every now and then!