Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cat Adoption Fest

SPCA Selangor is holding a series of adoption fests this month. They will be at Bangsar Shopping Centre weekend community market, Marketplace.

Their main aim is to find permanent, loving homes for their shelter animals, who wait patiently with the hope that one day they will get a second chance at life. They'll also be selling off cat and dog gear to raise funds.

Scoop and AuThis deal is close to my heart as Scoop and Au were both strays. They they have given us so much love and pleasure, I can't imagine life without them. If you have a home and time to take on a cat, please adopt 2 - cats love people but need company of their own kind as well.

May Dates :
21 & 22 April
5 & 6 May
19 & 20 May

Time :
10am - 6pm

The SPCA are also looking for a helping hand so if you enjoy Adoption Counseling,
Cleaning & Feeding Animals, Merchandise Sales, Handing out leaflets, Answering Inquiries (on SPCA, pet care, etc) please contact

Jacinta Johnson
PR & Marketing Officer
SPCA Selangor
42565312/ 42535179

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Friday, April 27, 2007


Someone has had kittens, and has deposited them on our back doorstep for safety. We've given them a towel and they're all curled up, looking chocolate box cute.

If they survive, we'll be looking for homes for them. Their mum is a stray, a cat who lives in the storm drain, but the kittens are tame. And also very stripy!

Scoop and Au aren't pleased. Every time they hear the meow of kittens their ears go back and they start to sulk!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


We went to the beach last weekend, to Port Dickson. It was so absolutely gorgeous that the pictures turned out like post cards.

For once we saw a Malaysian beach that is clean, without the usual litter of plastic bags, tin cans, etc. The water was like a warm bath.

When we got back, salt encrusted, sticky and a little bit pink around the edges, Scoop and Au inspected my shoes, my Tshirt and my shorts with horrified little sniffs.

Once he'd checked it all out, Scoop looked at me and shook his head sadly. He realised I'd been floating about in the water the way I do in the bath. And as far as Scoop is concerned, that's just plain silly!

Here's the beach!


Friday, April 20, 2007

Road Kill

Au on the sofa
It's been boiling hot the last few days and Au has been comatose on the sofa by lunchtime every day.

He's so hot that if you ruffle the fuzz on his tummy, he just looks at you with half an open eye and says mew in a tiny voice. He's not just too hot to finger wrestle, he's too hot to complain in a loud voice.

I've offered him a cooling bath but he just glared at me as if to say, try it if you dare.

Let's hope it rains today!

PS Here he is, doing his best impression of road kill

PPS another logomania column is out in the Star today. It's all about boats, so if you want to know where the phrase "whatever floats your boat" comes from, and it is a bit vulgar, check it out here!

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kissing Cats

Kissing cats: Scoop and Au from
Sorry for the long silence: we've been offline for a few days as the connection kept dropping.

Scoop and Au are in an excellent mood today. We're all at home, working away at our computers and this means our fuzzies have us under their paw.

Scoop has been in twice for a morning cuddle, and Au has rooted us out of the office to refill his kitty crunchy bowl, to refill his water glass, and to play kitty in the box.

We love weekends!

PS Dinner and Camaraderie was out in the Star yesterday. And here's a small copy of the accompanying pic of Scoop and Au taking turns to wash each other.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Bedroom Box

When our 10 year old washing machine collapsed a few weeks ago, we bought a big cardboard box for the cats... and the shop gave us a washing machine to go with it. At least, that's how Scoop and Au see it.

The cats already have their box on the landing upstairs. Although it's meant for both, Au is the one who spends most time in it. He prefers to walk into a box and close the flap behind him. Scoop will play in it, but usually only when Au is there to join in.

Scoop in the box

Both cats investigated the monster box when it first arrived but the shine went off it some days ago. I was going to move it downstairs and hand it over to the recycling man, but was caught redhanded by Scoop.

When he saw me moving the box downstairs, he blocked the way and scolded me with a loud YOW!! Yik Praw Yow!

Apologising profusely I put it in his room on the bed and he's now lying in it, determined not to let this treasure out of his sight.

Clearly this is HIS box!

PS I'm having real trouble with Blogger: half my toolbar has vanished. Anyone else have a problem?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Monkey Business

The star have just published another Logomania column:
Monkey Business A plethora of expressions featuring primate images acknowledge our animal cousins, and enrich the English language.

It's all about phrases like: To go ape, A monkey on one’s back, To monkey (around) with etc.

Comments appreciated!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bed Pals

Scoop and Au in bed

I was thinking about memes but since it's been years since I read Dawkins, and the old brain isn't what it used to be, I had trouble getting my mind around the idea. To my mind there is no doubt cats have culture, and that culture is transmitted. Scoop and Au are constantly teaching each other new things.

For example, Au has this enchanting habit of sitting with his tail on your foot and looking up with half closed eyes when he's asking for something (usually ham but sometimes just a game or a cuddle). Scoop has always just walked up and given us his demands with a loud MEEE-OW! But now Scoop also does the tail on the foot manoeuvre; and what's more, he's realised it works just as well for him as the shouting so he'll go on doing it.

Is this transmitting a meme? I can't decide! You tell me...

PS It's been pouring with rain here every afternoon, so Scoop and Au are indoor cats at the moment. And don't they make themselves comfortable!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


We've been tagged for the first time ever. Sharlene and her Spice Cats have challenged us to give 5 Reasons Why We Blog. So here goes:

1. Because cats demand their part of cyberspace along with their bit of the sofa.
2. Because Scoop and Au adore talking to cat fans.
3. To raise awareness so that new cat lovers understand a bit more about cat thinking.
4. Because only the Net is big enough to showcase Scoop's curly tail and Au's fat tummy.
5. Because it's fun to tap keys and chase the mouse and watch stuff change on screen.

And now I'm tagging:

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Kitikata has lucked out... my connection broke off as I was adding her to the list!

PS: for some reason this one post won't allow comments. Don't ask me why; it's the mysterious way of software. You can comment on all other posts though. Sorry for the inconvenience.