Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cat Adoption Fest

SPCA Selangor is holding a series of adoption fests this month. They will be at Bangsar Shopping Centre weekend community market, Marketplace.

Their main aim is to find permanent, loving homes for their shelter animals, who wait patiently with the hope that one day they will get a second chance at life. They'll also be selling off cat and dog gear to raise funds.

Scoop and AuThis deal is close to my heart as Scoop and Au were both strays. They they have given us so much love and pleasure, I can't imagine life without them. If you have a home and time to take on a cat, please adopt 2 - cats love people but need company of their own kind as well.

May Dates :
21 & 22 April
5 & 6 May
19 & 20 May

Time :
10am - 6pm

The SPCA are also looking for a helping hand so if you enjoy Adoption Counseling,
Cleaning & Feeding Animals, Merchandise Sales, Handing out leaflets, Answering Inquiries (on SPCA, pet care, etc) please contact

Jacinta Johnson
PR & Marketing Officer
SPCA Selangor
42565312/ 42535179

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Gattina said...

That's a very good idea to empty a little the animal shelter. I have already 4 as you probably know all adopted from shelters. But I couldn't find your profile, so I don't know in which country you are living ! lol !
That your cats eat behind your back is really funny ! Just like children !

Ellen Whyte said...

We're in Malaysia! Our profile is listed under About Scoop and Au...