Friday, April 20, 2007

Road Kill

Au on the sofa
It's been boiling hot the last few days and Au has been comatose on the sofa by lunchtime every day.

He's so hot that if you ruffle the fuzz on his tummy, he just looks at you with half an open eye and says mew in a tiny voice. He's not just too hot to finger wrestle, he's too hot to complain in a loud voice.

I've offered him a cooling bath but he just glared at me as if to say, try it if you dare.

Let's hope it rains today!

PS Here he is, doing his best impression of road kill

PPS another logomania column is out in the Star today. It's all about boats, so if you want to know where the phrase "whatever floats your boat" comes from, and it is a bit vulgar, check it out here!

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